Balloon Artist Competition in Boston!

More than one Balloon Artist and they ALL make us Proud!

Last week, our balloon artists attended and taught at an international balloon artist convention!  It was a week full of entertaining classes, competitions, AND the latest designs in balloon art!  We taught several private classes on how to do some of our favorite creations to other balloon artists that were looking to learn, plus WE learned a lot of new balloon creations!

Tristen the Balloon Artist and My Time at Convention!

I spent one of my days working on a competition piece to be judged by the other balloon professionals in the industry!  It took a little under 7 hours and about 100 balloons that were inflated and uninflated!  Some of the balloons were even stuffed inside another balloon to make it stronger!  My day making that piece consisted of trying new techniques for the design and getting input from other top professionals to make my piece the best that it could be!  When it was all said and done, I had a fantastic piece titled “The Secret Garden!”

This was the finished piece of balloon art. I thought it was very neat! What do you think?

Rose the Balloon Artist and the convention!

She spent some a lot of her time networking with the top balloon pros!  She learned a great Thomas the Train which she then made it into a wristable(bracelet).  She is a mom, so she understands the value of making a balloon that moms don’t have to carry!

It is compliments of Rose that we have all of the photos from the week.  I am a bit lax about taking photos of all the cool things that we see, but she loves to take photos!  She took photos of all of the awesome balloon creations that we saw that week and the amazing balloon creations that were in the jam room(that’s where all the cool ideas come together from classes)!

We have a Balloon Artist from Every Type of Event!

The best thing about having multiple balloon artists is that we have an ARTIST for every conceivable type of event!  They have different strengths that they play off of, so that allows them to entertain for different events!  YES! Our balloon artists are able to entertain for all of your events!

Want to see more of our amazing work? Check out our Facebook fan page or our Balloon Artist Creations Gallery!

Remember, When you need to Impress, Trist ‘N Shout(and our Balloon Artists) are the Best!

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