Balloon Artists in Reading, York, and Hershey…Oh My!

Some of you may have noticed, this past year Trist ‘N Shout was at the Reading Phillies! How cool is that? We got to meet some of the players, and we knew ALL of the Reading Phillies mascots. That’s not the best part. Yes, we did meet the players; and yes, we did know the mascots; but on every Family Fun Night we were there twisting the mascots! Every single one of them, from Blooper to Change-up to Screwball, we got ’em all! It’s sort of like Pokemon for the Phillies. You gotta catch ’em all! We are talking to the Phillies about coming back next year, too! So, if you are ever in the Reading area and looking for something to do…check out the Phils! Honestly, if you are looking for a family-friendly night out, it has to be the Phillies. They tailor their activities around Y-O-U. When it’s hot outside, they have the pool area to cool you down. If you are having a birthday, they have special things for that. Want to meet the players? They have an autograph session about an hour before the game starts for Kids Club Members. What?!? You aren’t a member? Don’t worry! It’s a free sign-up! For all of you that think the Phils is just for kids, think again. They gave away a Harley-Davidson motorcycle last year! Just this last week, the Phils had a press conference because they are remodeling the stadium. They are making the food court larger to fit more people. Believe me, last year, it was full! That’s why they are doing this. Well, they needed something to set the stage for it…That’s right! They had a balloon arch! It was baseball-themed and Phillies-themed. The arch had baseballs and their team colors, plus the columns on the side were replicas of Blooper and Change-up! A picture does speak a thousand words, so why don’t I just show them to you. Here they are! Plus, in your spare time…check out phillies website at

The Phils arch from Trist 'N Shout

Bring the Phillies to you, with you number one Balloon artist in York, Hershey, and Reading PA!

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