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Surprise, surprise. I’m drinking more coffee!  I’m also looking through some fun photos from a photoshoot with our gorgeous model, Sarah.

I don’t know if you know this, but one of my favorite things is to create balloon dresses for different events.  They are so radically different from anything that people have seen.  It makes people stop, stare and take pictures.  Plus, the different techniques and designs that we get to create are usually a once-in-a-lifetime design. Just everything about the process is so much fun and artistic!

For each shoot, I look for an inspiration piece…a defining theme that runs throughout the whole dress. For this dress, I drew inspiration from the black and white striped scarf that you see around her neck.  I wanted to make a dress that felt very vintage and retro, so we turned it into a halter top. Of course, you have to make sure to take time for the hair, makeup, shoes, and jewelry accessories. Everything has to mesh.

Sarah has gorgeous hair that allowed us to do victory curls in the front.  We added a “pop” of red(pun intended) with the shoes and earrings…and then completed the look with the makeup…winged eyeliner.  One thing that I’ve learned, if a girl shows up late to a party and she has winged eyeliner, don’t ask her why she is late.  It’s the eyeliner, it’s always the eyeliner. 🙂

Enough about the process, are you ready to see the finished product?

eyes popped, edited


Looking away, edited

leaned forward on knees, edited



Your Turn: What style of balloon dress would you like to see?  I’m always looking for ideas!


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