Balloon Decor Upcoming Events:

Many of our events are private events… check out our facebook page at for events that may be open to the public.

How to Contact our amazing balloon decor and entertainment team:

Our Awesome Balloon Decor Team on the internet:

You can contact us via our contact form right here!

Our Balloon Decor Team and social networking:We want to connect with you!  We love meeting new people and staying in touch with old friends!   That’s why you can become a fan on Facebook, follow our Balloon Decor Team on Twitter, and you can even become our friend on Facebook!

Our Balloon Decor Team on the phone:

Our goal is to make your event Amazing!  We specialize in making YOU look good!  Give us a call:  we would love to hear from you! You can call us at our offices at 484.316.0471.

Our Balloon Decor Team and email:

We love receiving email from all of our friends!  If you have a question about something or just want to chat:  send us an email!  You can email us at

Things our Balloon Decor Artists Probably won’t respond to:


–Morse Code

–Smoke Signals


–Carrier Pigeons

Our Maryland and Washington DC  Balloon Decor andEntertainment team does their best to give you the Best!

Please:  Send us an email, give us a call, or even send a carrier pigeon.  The point is:  We want to talk with you!

We specialize in making your special event memorable and unique! Remember, When You Need to Impress, Trist ‘N Shout is the Best for balloon decor!

Adding color to an event is our specialty!

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