Balloon Decor and Entertainment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Balloon Decor and Balloon entertainment:

Where Are you located?

Trist ‘N Shout Balloon Decor and Entertainment is located in Maryland.  We provide balloon decor and balloon entertainment for the Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, surrounding states; and the rest of the world. We have even traveled to China!

Where did you learn to create your awesome balloon decor?

Our artists have learned how to make amazing balloon creations from a variety of places. The most common is through international balloon conventions, award-winning artists from all over the world travel to one place to share their knowledge and fantastic new ideas with the industry. We have even had the privilege of teaching at several conventions!

Do you have minimum booking requirements for balloon decor and entertainment?

Yes, for balloon entertainment.

Balloon twisting has a two-hour minimum for bookings. Please note that the minimum may be higher depending on your location.

Carnaval Theme created by Balloon Event Decor Artists

Does your balloon decor and entertainment require a deposit?

Yes. We require a 50% deposit to guarantee that you are serious about hiring us. After we receive your deposit, you can be sure that we will be at your event and make it a fun and memorable for everyone!

How long do the balloons last?

We carry a variety of shapes and sizes that vary the length of time the balloons last. However, we make our balloons to last. We fill them with a special product called Hi-Float which makes our balloon decor look better for longer! As a general rule, the balloons look best for about 1-2 weeks.

Is your balloon art environmentally friendly?

YES! This is the coolest thing about our balloons. They are created from the sap of trees in Malaysia. One tree creates 2 bags of balloons. The balloons that we use, once popped or used, if left outside would degrade at the rate of a maple leaf. So, yes, our balloons are bio-degradable and GREAT for the environment and you!

Where can I find some of the cool things that you have created for other clients?

You can find our awesome balloon decor in our gallery section. Click here to go see it now!