Birthday Party Invitations–Part 2

Your son’s birthday or your daughter’s Big day…whatever the occasion, you want it to be special and professional! We do to. Make sure that you have the best in decor. To book, call 717.813.4071.

You now know the proper etiquette on when you should send out your birthday party invitations, but….What do you need to include in them?  Do you want the guests to bring gifts? Is it going to be a casual and fun event or a bit more formal? Below is a list of the basic that you want to include in the card. Of course, if you include more information than this…that is okay, too!

  • The purpose of your invitation
  • The name of the honoree–You cannot forget who the special person is!
  • The day and date of the party
  • The time of the party
  • The Name and location of the party
  • The name of your host
  • The type of attire–usually this is not necessary and the style of the card will give your guests a hint  as to the type of party it will be.
  • Finally, if you do not want your guests to bring gifts, mention it discreetly. Possibly say “The best gift you can bring is yourself!”

You want to proof-read it several times before writing out the actual invitations or on the computre before you print them.  You want it to be PERFECT.

Always, Always, Always spell out dates and numbers. Do not use abbreviations. There is no punctuation used at the end of the line and the “o” in o’clock is not capitalized, either. If you have noticed anything that I have neglected to mention. Leave a comment and I will update the blog with your ginformation. Thank you for reading and sharing, too! We love to hear from all of our fans and friends!

One of the best ways to save money is through homemade invitations. Below is a video showing you how to make a few more invitations. Hvae fun!

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