Certified Balloon Artist *CBA* Do you know what it is?

I have a question.   Should we become CBA (Certified Balloon Artist(s)? We have completed the course and need to take the exam to be an official Certified Balloon Artist and we would love your input. 

When you are looking for a balloon decorator or twister for your event, is it important that they be “certified”?   Is a professional who is not a certified balloon artist less of a professional? 

What is a Certified Balloon Artist(CBA)?

To answer the question we need to know what this certification is?    The definition comes from a professional balloon forum that is an excellent resource to many professionals.

Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) Certification Program

CBAs are people who work for a Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) Business Member and have successfully completed the program’s written tests, as well as the CBA Practical Examination to demonstrate their knowledge of the QBN curriculum and ability to produce quality balloon work. By becoming a CBA, you will:

  • Learn more skills and earn accreditation to use in promoting your balloon services and expanding your business,
  • Enjoy a priority listing in the searchable “Find-A-Pro” directory on Qualatex.com, with the opportunity to link your listing to your Web site,
  • Receive special CBA discounts on QBN Marketing Resources.

Learn more about the CBA program at Certified Balloon Artist FAQs on Qualatex.com.

Who gives the certification?  Qualatex Balloon Company

Who is Qualatex Balloon Company?  Qualatex Balloon Company is one of the two balloon companies who sell balloons in the USA.  The second company is Betallatex and they do not have a certification program. 

How do you learn the certification material?  The program is a series of DVD’s that you complete in your home setting.  The exam is given off-site and includes hands-on and a written test.

Can you use another companies balloons if you are certified (CBA)?  When you take the CBA program you must promise to use Qualatex balloons whenever possible. 

If you are not certified, how did you learn your balloon business?  We have had many classes with balloon professionals from around the world.  Some of them are CBA’s but not all of them are.  Many of the classes include hands-on experience. On a yearly basis we have over 100 hours of classes.  

We love Betallatex balloons because of their vibrant colors and the quality of the balloons.  We do use some Qualatex balloons when we can not find the colors available in Betallatex like mocha brown.  We would really miss our beautiful colors from Betallatex if we had to switch to mostly Qualatex when we become a Certified Balloon Artist(CBA). 

After completing the dvd portions, should we become certified balloon artist(s)? 



  1. Tuf-tex is another of the balloon manufactures in the US if I am not mistaken. Also, is Betallatex not just an off brand of Qualatex? I have used all three and so far Qualatex is the better of the brands, but they are also more expensive. Betallatex is quite a bit more flimsy and does not last as long.

    I typically use Tuf-tex because they are cheaper balloons and a better quality than Betallatex. I do have some issues with some of the balloons I get but not enough of a problem to offset the higher price of Qualatex.

    Would love some input. I’m still learning but this is my take.

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