Keystone tees and Balloon artists!


Tristen here. One of your favorite balloon artists!

Recently, Rose and I were looking to update our business wardrobe; complete with embroidered logo on our shirts. I just have to rave about this really cool small business in Berks county! They are a small business named “Keystone tees.” They are located at 1200 Roosevelt Street, Reading PA. The service is the one thing that I really want to rave about. We had a previous bad experience with another business, so this time we went to¬†Keystone tees. They were so much better! As soon as we went in, we were greeted with a warm smile by Ellen who works at Keystone. She was a wonderful lady to work with and extremely helpful! I am so glad that there are small businesses out there that are willing to make your shopping experience fun and enjoyable. So, from one small business to another: Thank you!

Oh, and check out their website at! When you visit them, make sure to say “hi” to Ellen for us.


One of your favorite balloon artists and birthday entertainers!

Balloon artist and Keystone Tees

Check them out at for your needs

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