Mario Birthday Party Theme

Well, it is that time again! Fall is creeping up on us and school will be back in session! Something else that is happening soon is your birthday party! What birthday party theme or birthday party idea are you going to choose for your little guy?
I stumbled across a website the other day that had some really cool ideas for a birthday party theme for your little gamer! It was a Mario themed birthday party. I will leave the link at the bottom of this post for you to check it out! What this inventive mom did was this: she took all the necessities of a great birthday party and “Mario-ified” them. Sounds simple, right?
Simple, but ingenious.
For her invitations, she made the Mario blocks and put gold coins in them. For the favors, she made Mario hats. For the games, she made balloon “ghosts” from the actual game. Below is the link to her site. Check it out and comment about what is your favorite part! Personally, I love the Mario hats. They are adorable!

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Mario Birthday Party Theme Click Here and Enjoy!