More Classes in NYC

NYC has a special place in our hearts.  There are some really great balloon twisters there and they were instrumental in opening our eyes to the possibilities of balloons if you were willing to invest the time and education to continually improve your art.  The price of good balloons does not come cheap or easy….but then anything worth having is never cheap or easy.  It takes hours of practice and money to travel to classes that will make you stand out in your community.  We have just returned from another one of those golden opportunities.  Classes with Don Caldwell (a.k.a. Buster Balloon) who is known world-wide as a Top Balloon Artist.  We spent a day learning about faces, how to create, how to engineer, what to do…. what not to do…..

This class was definitely an artistic class that helps you to use your creativity to come up with creations to fit the look you are trying to create.  We saw Elvis, a little girl, a few monsters, an old man and some ghosts come to life.  Now we are back home building, creating and using those classes to improve our creations.  Wow…. the possibilities are endless!  Education is the key to improving yourself, no matter what field you choose to stand out in.  I would not want a doctor who has barely slipped by with minimal classes and has never had any continuing education to be in charge of any upcoming surgeries….. don’t let your parties be influenced by just anyone who can blow up a balloon!  Our customers recognize and appreciate quality and we will continue to “WOW” and impress the clients and guests with the BEST!

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to serve you with our BEST!


  1. Hey Rose!

    Your balloon creations are amazing! I will definitely pass your name around!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope I have a chance to work with you again real soon.

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