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This week, I had an event at one of the coolest places I’ve ever worked at. Refinery 29, which ironically has absolutely nothing to do with oil, had Todd Neufeld from Twisted Balloon Co. and I in for their company meeting.  That’s right, we were their for their company meeting!  It’s not often that you have balloon artists at a company meeting, unless you work at Trist N Shout.  🙂 refinery 29 pt 1 (11) They transformed the meeting room into a mini Central Park.  There was a picnic bench, soft pretzels, a man serving popcorn, and a very cool gentleman playing saxophone.  We entertained at the beginning of the meeting  and then made sure there was a ton of balloons for the group photo afterwards. Refinery 29 is a fashion and lifestyle oriented company, so they were open to us being creative and artistic.  I love events where they trust us to use our skills for some very twisted(pun intended) art pieces!  Check out some of the photos below and you’ll see what I mean. refinery 29 pt 1 (9)refinery 29 pt 1 (10)                         refinery 29 pt 1 (6) refinery 29 pt 1 (2)

The creative department had a bit of fun with the balloons after we were done.  They put the shark and octopus hat to good use…I have a feeling this is how they got the title of Creative.  Tell me, what was the most creative event that you’ve ever been to?

refinery 29 pt 1 (1)

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