Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction with this Proven Breakthrough Method

1 Time Appearance

For that rare, special event

100% Price

  • No Tips Accepted
  • 2 Hour Minimum

$200/ Hour

Season or Monthly

When you need something special a little more often

50% Price

  • 2 Hour Minimum
  • Tips are accepted

$100 / Hour


The Best Value 

25% Price

  • 2 Hour Minimum
  • Tips are Accepted
  • Holidays are excluded

$50/ Hour

Balloons + Adults= FunTable Side Entertainment with the purpose of marketing YOU (without appearing to be marketing)

Transform dining into a total entertaining atmosphere.  Our experience has shown us many ways to be a manager’s asset.  We are professional entertainers, with our years of experience and we know how to entertain, with the art of balloons, and in some cases even magic or juggling.  Entertainers are trained to help you with your guests with light-hearted comedy, during the busy times and longer than usual waits. We never slow table turnover!  We speak positively and often about your food quality and staff, and we even help diffuse negative situations, as we work as your “Good Will” ambassadors.  Kids and adults alike are entertained by our skills.   

Consider these Benefits


  • Your restaurant has a unique advantage over the competition.
  • Repeat business to each of your locations is promoted & encouraged with our Marketing help.
  • Kids love balloons, and influence their parents choice of where to eat. Customers waiting for a table will be entertained and remain more patient. Tableside entertainment decreases perceived waittime if there are kitchen delays.
  • Special clients and VIPS’s sometimes require special needs.  For instance, they can hire Trist’n Shout as a separately paid reservation at your venue.  If this is a night normally scheduled with you we can happily send another qualified entertainer to take care of the rest of your guests.  WIN/WIN
  • We are an attraction for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Promotions.  You and your guests can be confident that Trist’n Shout can be there when you need us, even if not scheduled by reserving a special date & time.
  • We offer personalized benefits to help create a special family kids night… just ask how.


  • Restaurant promotions are announced at our other appearances.  We promote your Family night and special events in your community.
  • We can help generate positive word of mouth, people tell their friends.  Photos of families enjoying a great dinner with table side entertainment can become viral on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media outlets.  Dont be left out.  We are here for you and encourage and post regularly!

Still not convinced that Trist’n Shout can elevate your restaurant’s customer service? We are so confident that you will see immediate results with our balloon entertainment service that we are offering a special entertainment package to test at your restaurant’s location. You’ll get the chance to see us in action with your customers.

To book your restaurant’s entertainment package, and to find out about Trist’n Shouts regular rates and packages, contact us at:484-316-0471Dinner With a Twister

Trist’n Shout Entertainment…. Call 484-316-0471 or email

Schedule of Appearance

We offer entertainment marketing on a weekly appearance or we can customise to fit your needs.  Please feel free to call to discuss your needs, as we do offer trial service in select locations.