To view photos from the Manhattan Children’s Museum event, click here.

Good morning! Remember that moment when you meet a person and you know that they’re the kind of person that you want to spend time with?  That’s what happened with this lovely lady and her family. Ruby is vivacious and outgoing with a smile for everyone. To give you an idea, she insisted on giving me a hug when we first met. I had the pleasure of performing at her son’s birthday party about a month ago at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. It was Superhero themed(Hence the title)! There were so many people in capes and masks…to keep their identity a secret, of course. 20140731Ari's5thBirhday-4213   20140731Ari's5thBirhday-4255 The kids had such a fun time singing, dancing, climbing around the play area at the museum, and eating cake!..I broke my no-sugar rule and had a cupcake…and it was worth it! Since the theme was superheroes, I made a lot of different characters!  Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, and my personal favorite: the Hulk!  The little superhero that I created it for rocked the costume accessory all evening. 20140731Ari's5thBirhday-4598   20140731Ari's5thBirhday-4220Of course, there was one of two heroes that weren’t shy about their identity being revealed. They brought along special guests like Mom, Dad, and their trusty sidekick(Super Nanny!). Being a superhero is definitely not just for boys.  There was more than one Super Girl at the party(with color coordinated mask). Last bit of cuteness: this little superhero was so cute with his Mama! 20140731Ari's5thBirhday-4500   Your Turn: Who is YOUR favorite superhero?   Special thanks to Sylvester of INNY photography.  He is incredibly talented and creates stunning art with his camera. Check out his site for a more of his work.   Until next time.  Stay twisted, friends! ~Tristen

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