What is a Balloon Artist?

We have heard all types of terms for what we do.  Of course, there are clowns that do balloons, we are not clowns.  Then there are street buskers who are doing quick balloons, (swords, 1 balloon dogs, here’s a heart).  Often you’ll see them at fairs or maybe at the park. We love the art of balloons and creating multiple balloon shapes that are an amazing production…. both during the construction and at the completion.

We’ve been called balloon tyers, which strikes me as comical.   Balloon artist or artiste….is our preferred title.  We create art that uses balloons as the medium.  We have fun doing it and try to make it fun for our audience too.  Sometimes it takes the form of storytelling where we engage our audience by finding a few volunteers to participate with large balloon sculptures.  These sculptures are usually created before the show.  Sometimes it is a balloon show that is a production of fun.  We love to leave you with a message and memories of a good time….and awesome balloons!

We have created balloon sculptures during events where the guests are dining and we are roving, a good option for a wedding.  We have created scultpures at Alzheimer Units, birthday parties, family reunions, Christmas parties, Easter Egg Hunts, Open Houses, in Model Homes, at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade,  during Rachel Ray Events, festivals, Sunday School Parties, Mardi Gras Parties at trade shows…. at the airport…. on the airplane, in China, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic; in Las Vegas, Boston, Nashville, Phoenix,  and Manhattan!

Balloons bring smiles, laughter and memories!  Where can we twist is almost as complex as asking what we can make.  The easy answer would be…. we don’t make porcupines and we don’t twist under the sea!  Everything else is pretty much open, it is fun to be challenged!  The next time you see someone making balloons….. ask for a surfing penguin…. or an ice cream cone hat…. or…… I’m sure you have a good imagination….so put it to work!  Our balloon art is a work of HEART…. we love what we do and we think you will too!


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