PA Balloon Artist : We came, We competed, We Won!

Smiles from Your PA Balloon Artist

Hi all!

It has been a very busy few weeks.  Rose and I have just returned from two of the Best international conventions in the world!   We are the only local representatives from your PA balloon artists that attend–we make it our goal to make you proud!–and we are thrilled by how much we are able to learn!  The competitions were held in Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando, Florida.  We love that even though we are PA balloon artists, we are able to travel to fun places and meet a lot of very talented artists!

What Rose, Your Top PA Balloon Artist, created!

This year, Rose competed for the first time and she placed second for an adorable balloon seagull(we were in Florida, so it seemed appropriate!).  She was the only PA balloon artist that placed in that competition!  I am so proud!

Rose was the only PA Balloon Artist that won!

What Tristen(Me), Your PA Balloon Artist, created!

I competed at the second convention in the Large competition.  There were some amazing entries!  There was a life size Transformer(Bumblebee, of course!), a large  X-Wing fighter(for all you Star Wars lovers!), a huge ferris wheel, and my personal favorite….The white rabbit and a tree from Alice in Wonderland with an adorable smile!….Can you tell which one I created?  😉  This is the tree below.  Check it out!

Welcome to Wonderland...from your PA Balloon Artist!

By the way, check out some of the other Amazing things that our PA Balloon Artists created here!  We even have a Facebook page where you can even just say “HI!” to our PA balloon artist!

Which balloon creation do you like better?  What would you like to see your PA Balloon Artist create next year?

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