Storytelling with Balloons


Balloon Event Entertainment with a Twist

Meet Tristen, the twisted twister, the sweet, talented, fabulous balloon artist,

together with Rose who will make your event entertainment amazing and unique.

 Charming personalities and amazing balloon creations star in our shows.

Whether it is a Holiday Corporate Event,  School Show, or Sunday School Rally, our unforgettable stories will be an event entertainment style that is outstanding! Our entertainment uses the form of costumes, hats or balloon sculptures that help to reinforce the lesson with visuals.  As Confucius said, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember.”  We choose themes that are educational as well as entertaining because character does balloon

When you have a large group to entertain and a short time span, storytelling is the ideal way to make your corporate event, school show or any other event AMAZING!  Our stories include large sculptures and incorporate volunteers into the show.  Our interactive entertainment format is fun for all ages.creations become fused with storytelling and comedy to create a spectacular and memorable performance for the entire family at your event.  This is event entertainment that will be remembered long after your corporate event is over.  Our stories are fun and character building.  Some themes that we have in our repertoire include self-control, being thankful and even one on budgeting.

If you are in charge of event entertainment, dont you want to try something refreshingly different for your next corporate event or school show?

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