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Star Trek Enterprise


You may have heard of him, either from Facebook or Star Trek.  He played Sulu on Star Trek and these days is immensely popular.  George is extremely witty and so super sweet.  We had the opportunity to create the Star Trek Enterprise for him at a book signing.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about George.  He spent the whole day signing autographs and when they were supposed to close down the line at 6pm, he told the staff not to.  George said that if people were there to see him, he wanted to see them.  We waited until the end to meet him.  That was at 10pm!  Seriously, he is a saint….4 extra hours.  JUST to make sure that everyone got the chance to meet him.

When he was finally finished, we took a quick photo with him in front of his Enterprise and he was out the door to his next event.

George Takei with Nate


Overall, it was a fun and busy day!  The meeting was brief, the work was intense(it took the two of us 10 hours to create!), but the applause from the audience and George Takei’s kindness made it all worth it.

Until next time: Live Long and Prosper.


PS. Check out his Facebook fan page for daily humor…and enjoy the video below.  It made me chuckle!

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