Trade Show Decor

So, you have to represent your company and you have so much to prepare for your products, have you thought about how much you need to take to build your site to stand out from the other 999 vendors?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a phone call and have your site designed to your colors with a logo and dividers and they are easily transported and disassembled without renting a convoy!  Balloons have the capabilities to make walls, backdrops, transform and define an area… and we don’t mean just arches.  There are so many shapes and designs and we would love to explore the possibilities of making you stand out in a crowd.  This is definitely not your normal booth, you will love it and it will be impressive and memorable…. after all….who doesn’t want to be that booth…..”Head down this row to the booth with the awesome, unbelievable balloon sculpture….”  It is the booth that sets the standard for everyone else.  Here are just a few small samples….. the ideas are limitless…. call us and we will talk. 


A different Heart Arch

A different Heart Arch


  1. How do you get around the union labor? In Chicago you need to have union staff aproval if attaching anything large in an exhibit. Do you handle it or does the client need to talk to show management?

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