Creating Memories at the White House

This event was just too much fun not to share with you!  I’m sure that you guessed it from the title.  We were at the White House on July 4th!  We created a giant American flag that was displayed throughout the whole event on the front lawn.  People LOVED taking photos in front of it.  It definitely was a one-of-a-kind photo op.

Photo Op Fun

Photo Op Fun

The 2013 Dream Team!

The 2013 Dream Team!

You’re probably wondering who everyone is.  Todd Neufeld of Twisted Balloon Co. from Brooklyn, John Reid of Tricky Business from Long Island, Smarty Pants from Chicago, Joel Klein from New York and I made up the Dream Team for 2013!

Seriously, she's too cute!

Seriously, she’s too cute!

I especially loved the purpose of the event.  It was in honor of those serving in the military and their families.  Everything at the event was just for the brave men and women serving and their families.  We loved interacting with the kids and adults…creating smiles and laughter.  I was so honored to be a part of it.  Plus, aren’t these kids adorable?

Adorable Child

Everything was stellar, from the decor to the entertainment.

Who says only women have sass?

John Reid Sassing it up

Floral Centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece: loved the concept


Mount Rushmore...sort of :)

We were one of many awesome performances.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Fun?  They’re sort of a little bit famous.  They had their turn in the spotlight, too!  🙂  I loved watching everyone rock out to them.  If you haven’t heard of them, check out the video below.  It’s of their song “Some Nights.”

Fun rockin' it!

Fun rockin’ it!

[pb_vidembed title=”Fun-Some Nights” caption=”Fun-Some Nights: Official Video” url=”″ type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″]

What would be your ultimate July 4th celebration?


Stay Twisted My Friends,

Rose(The Classy Lassie)


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